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Principal turnover is a serious issue as well across the country. In a national survey of public-school principals (2017) found that, overall, approximately 18 percent of principals had left their position since the year before. In high-poverty schools, the turnover rate was 21 percent.  Frequent turnover of effective principals can disrupt school progress, often resulting in higher teacher turnover and, ultimately, lower gains in student achievement.   Districts and states invest millions of dollars in preparing and hiring new principals every year.   Amyra can help change this picture by providing the service to support school districts in this needed area to significantly reducing the number of reasons for principals’ leaving:

  1. Stress and Burnout

  2. Inadequate preparation

  3. Insufficient tailored professional development

  4. Poor working conditions

  5. The imbalance between family obligations and work

  6. Salaries not commensurate with the workload

  7. Lack of decision-making authority

  8. Ineffective accountability policies

  9. Frustration with bureaucratic rules

  10. Inadequate school-level resources

  11. Overwhelming paperwork

  12. Not see the progress or success for efforts

  13. Student discipline issues and irate parents

  14. Untimely evaluations that don’t support growth

  15. Salaries lower than that some staff members

  16. Offered a demotion

  17. Transferred to another in-district school of lower performance

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