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Teacher and Kids in Library

Far too many of our brightest and best educators leave the educational community due to a variety of reasons.  According to The Innovation and Policy Blog and its research, factors contributing most to high teacher turnover fall into three categories: 

A.  General purposes that range from retirement to life-changing events,

B.  Professional goals include dissatisfaction with the profession as a whole, and low pay, 

C.  School-level reasons, here is where Amyra can be of significant service to support school leaders in significantly reducing reasons for teachers’ leaving:

  1. Insufficient mentoring and coaching support

  2. Challenging school culture and climate

  3. Poor working conditions

  4. Dissatisfaction with administration

  5. No assistance with student discipline issues 

  6. Hostile relationships with colleagues

  7. Fears about school safety

  8. Sense of racial isolation

  9. Lack of autonomy and influence

  10. Emotional stress

  11. Unrealistic expectations

  12. Lack of resources

  13. Unmanageable Class size

  14. Paperwork

  15. Lack of sufficient planning time

  16. Curriculum demands

  17. Working 10 to 15 workdays and weekends

  18. Ineffective administrators

  19. Too many frivolous meetings

  20. High-stakes standardized testing

  21. Teacher evaluation methods

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