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Essential Knowledge for Teachers keeps teachers focused and relevant in today’s changing educational landscape. Training and development make every teacher an instructional specialist. They engage students with their lessons, and they plan activities that maximize academic success. Equally important is the teacher’s role as guide. They set high expectations, assume that everyone can advance, and don’t allow underachievers to fall behind. And because teamwork is a must, they involve parents, peers, and the larger community. 

The first section, “Wisdom for Your Community,” helps teachers engage students, involve parents, collaborate with colleagues, and present their schools and themselves as capable and professional. “Wisdom for Your Classroom” enhances the student-teacher relationship, and covers administrative details and classroom learning. “Wisdom for Yourself” focuses on teachers and their careers. 

Short entries present one piece of wisdom, its benefits, and an example of the wisdom in action based on studies, real-world anecdotes, and Dr. Culp’s opinions. Recommendations can be implemented in easy and inexpensive ways. Become a guide, mentor and role model with Words of Wisdom for Teachers.

Essential Knowledge for Teachers

SKU: 978-1-4758-3132-0
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