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Key Knowledge for Success provides effective and efficient solutions for district leaders and their careers.


Superintendents must manage a district’s day-to-day activities while moving the community into the future. They juggle administrative tasks, balance budgets, liaise with influencers, and keep the schools focused on academic excellence. Key Knowledge for Success is packed with the advice, tips and tools these leaders need right now.

Three sections cover the critical elements of their role. “Superintendents in the District” strengthens individual elements and creates district cohesion. “Superintendents as Professionals” helps the chief executive officer lead with courage and strength while enhancing career success. In “Superintendents as Leaders,” discussions of political and diplomatic elements ensure that leaders can influence their districts in positive and proactive ways. 


Written by Dr. Barbara Culp, an educational professional with over forty years of real-world experience and specialized superintendent training, Key Knowledge for Success provides the best tools, tips and inspiration. For those who aspire to lead a district and those who currently serve as district superintendents, the simple and effective knowledge in this book will supercharge every district’s success.

Key Knowledge for Success

SKU: 978-1-4758-3585-4
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