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Professional Learning Communities lays out a blueprint for creating, maintaining, and sustaining a learning community. Using the ideas and techniques laid out in this book, educators discover what needs to be taught, what needs to be retaught, and who needs to be taught. They will build solutions that place academic excellence within the reach of every learner. The real experiences of PLCs from across the nation, as well as Dr. Culp’s decades of experience, have been mined to provide actionable steps.


Each chapter ends with a collection of charts, worksheets, checklists, and tips that can be implemented immediately. With a concise approach, examples, and ready-to-use materials, Professional Learning Communities guides educators through a quick and methodical process to create a PLC.


Professional Learning Communities:

  • Guides educators through an approach that is efficient and easy to implement.
  • Describes a highly efficient goal-setting process.
  • Encourages a flexible approach that allows for the uniqueness of different districts, schools, and classrooms.
  • Reduces the time and effort involved in creating a PLC.
  • Enhances results with specific, actionable steps.
  • Provides a foundation for creating and maintaining a learning community.
  • Supports real progress throughout the academic year.
  • Motivates educators by weaving respectful relationships into multiple areas.


Professional Learning Communities

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