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Trusted Knowledge for Parents provides clarity, inspiration and support for raising compassionate, respectful and productive children. Parents give so much to their children. They provide young lives with love, respect, and guidance. They maintain a safe environment in which kids can explore and learn. They also impact their neighborhoods and society by raising children who are trustworthy, honest and capable.


Trusted Knowledge for Parents encourages and inspires readers in the most important job of all: that of being a parent. The lessons in this book were forged in the crucible that is parenting. They have been hardened with resolve and experience and, most importantly, with a parent s love.


The first section, Trusted Knowledge for Your Child, provides specific ideas and tips. The discussions of home life and school life are appropriate for any age group. Knowledge for Yourself compiles ideas and directives that apply to readers as parents and as human beings. Knowledge for Your Outlook supports the concepts and attitudes that keep parents, grandparents, foster parents and childcare providers happy, healthy, and sane!"

Trusted Knowledge for Parents

SKU: 978-1-4758-3312-6
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