Vintage Knowledge for Principals points out the need for wisdom. The knowledge built up over time leads to authoritative solutions, resolutions, and actions. In Vintage Knowledge for Principals, over a hundred short entries define a single piece of wisdom, describe its benefits, and provide an example of the wisdom in action. Recommendations based on real-world experience are inexpensive and accessible. In minutes, principals will maximize the performance of their schools, their people, and their roles as administrators and leaders. The simple, easy-to-use format is broken into three sections:


  • “Wisdom for Your School” focuses on the school as an organization as well as the physical property. Individual entries address classroom, building, and system-level issues associated with facilities, special events, and funding.
  • “Wisdom for Your People” relates to teachers, student discipline, parental engagement, and administrative and maintenance staff management.
  • “Wisdom for You” focuses on the principal, primarily in the areas of leadership, self-awareness, and relationship-building.


Enrich your school. Encourage your people. Empower yourself with words of wisdom from an educator who has been where you want to go.

Vintage Knowledge for Principals

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